Depictions of Life and Death

by Theatre Nocturne

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recorded at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY


released January 11, 2014

Justin Foley -- Vocals
Erik Wagonblott -- Guitar
Kenny Zotara -- Guitar
Justin Herzog -- Bass
Mike Paquette -- Drums



all rights reserved


Theatre Nocturne Buffalo, New York


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Track Name: The Sordid Reflection
Sweet tempered sin
Serpent angel in the mists,
Destruction of the sun
Through veils of time
Agape as void,
Cast down into the seas
Upon shores of ice and ravaged flesh

Another soul, another breath
Lost forevermore…
This lusting after thought
A cataclysm of the soul
Flaunting such demise,
Fever, distortion, compulsive reaction...
The sordid reflection, just a ghost,
Impervious to light
Only redefined by the scarlet drippings
In serenade...

And now the cut, the carve,
To hold the heart of thee
Whilst pissing in contempt
On the verses that spent
Upon our goddess, our mother,
The essence of truth
To which I raise my glass
In revival of she!

Then, the silence,
From death until dawn
Her huntress teeth
Unsheathed the past
In servitude,
For ungrateful are they
And now she stirs,
Reborn through the blood of our enemies!

Sweet tempered beauty
Revisited anew
The sons of Adam and daughters of Eve
Striving to survive

Gathered together burning in effigy
As the mistress of our golden age
Ascends to paradise
At the fire’s rebirth
Track Name: Immortal Savage Nature
Listless yearning,
A lustre into the gloaming peak of a forest…
Footfalls play heavily off in the distance
Scorned, but sulking whence
The dulcet baying of wolves inter,
Withering and rotting in praise of
Our mother who dwells in Earth…

Through the maw of the wood
‘Neath stained eastern skies,
Led barefoot, my secret
Dogma of the flesh,
Avenged by Seraphim
A host in fame
But such a sweet lecher all the same
As the hidden lines of the palm read
“To better than none to reign from above
In paradise freed!”

Ah, perfection
Beautifully succulent fruits
Pressing moist lips ‘gainst whims and womb
Aroused in delectable fashion…

Ghosted Seraphim!
Hold thy tongue
Until I have had my say..
For herein paradise she and I shalt lay
To welcome in my golden age….


The dance of fate between her tongue
And bestial fury
Caught on my demise
But yet I longed only for the darkness
Her cruelty, smitten with malformed desires
Would crush the empyrean to smithereens
Then: the bitter stars could play our nocturne
As life and death pressed to repeat…

Now as the dark hastens, the trees cancerous,
Their boughs creak tearing free
Like hungering beasts endeavoring flesh,
The moon glimpses with ominous delight, my work,
Languishing the very vein as it thirsts
Upon draught and twisted reins,
She sits beneath life itself
In silent contemplation
As my footfalls swift through the thicket
To reach her throat, a kiss I lay
Her breath falters, eyes blacken,

Skin of marble stone,
I withdraw
Stare into her…
Life ends,
Then to her I bade a final line:
“A rose for thee without hope or victory…”
Track Name: Throne
Now spilling forth from slit widowed stars
O’er jagged mountains
Spired high atop Heaven’s peak
To a nadir re-risen
As vulva spreading demon breed
Like Adam’s seed
‘Cross landscapes ravaged by
Faithful ignorance

As betrayal enscented Eden’s trees
Eve: swarmed, torn, impregnated,
Wed her lips to Death’s solemn seize
Writhing well as she bit her tongue
Passing divine blood
Between her legs in a flood
Of intrigue

Paradise now darkened
With vast eclipse
Sun to moon
A serpent’s hiss,
To Eve, a mourning bliss
Her voice pleaded,
And my eyes opened
Deep between her thighs

I swam in afterbirth
Bathed in iniquities, for
Death my father
And Heaven’s radiance my mother,
I rose as power above all…

Monarchs tortured by the very word they misuse
Laid on the rack backs cracked
Flesh weaved into abominations
To understand true suffering,
They scream!
Beg to me like
Monstrosities reflecting on
The nature of their pathetic fucking souls…

And as this world dies
Ignorance shall die with it,
Power restored then madness…

My blood, the blood that fuels such decadence
Like a coveted tryst
But blame I feel not, only rejoice,
My lifeline now sown
A love I had taken such as thee
Her legs though did part with ease
And my seed spilt…
Her heart did stop
As the sun set one last path
‘Cross beauteous skies
To welcome in the true rapture…
Track Name: Indiscernible Will
Cast down to the filth
A god and a leper
I stumble, mind weak yet sublime
At the liquor’s respite,
This force trapped in flesh
Tearing at my psyche
Unforgiving depression…
As man I fall
Weak, bitter, melancholic
Forsaking the will of being

To force you out
That trust tarnished,
I feed on the blood of Eros
But cannot stop the bleating ambiance,
The scenes from paradise that are
Carving their niche out of my soul

The sun pours out my pain
Monuments fade like dreamless hope
Ice forms
A tomb wherein I (palisaded)
As the sea engulfs the writhing throng…

I have been murdered, yet
I feel nothing,
But still I decay…

I decay

I decay

The bloodline impure
Severed from her paternal womb…

I mutilate and rot endlessly
Without lineage…

“For I am without regret
And nothing remains.”

As my human heart no longer beats,
Lifted into the nether
I lay down my will upon tainted grounds,
The air of woodland smoke surrounding,
Binding the burdened
To hang above
Such weeping stares
Of quintessential lust,
Their eyes upon it
Mine beginning to blur,
Crushed by this ghastly visage…
Track Name: Above the Mist Themes of Sorrow Whisper
Above the mist below the night sky
Stars fall,
The last fading breath of this cold landscape
Light descending to nadir…

Transgression beyond mortality
Divine complexities
The complete and perfect being:
Flesh of the Earth
Bone of giants
Will of divinity,

The rivers run blood red
Bearing the fruits of a torn morality
I am of essence now
The last breath of being
Caressed by the sweet maiden moon

Alas, a sired death,
My scarlet moon
I forgive thee
And with this life
Cleanse the ashes of nature
For I shall rise again
Beyond the pale reflections of dawn

For above the mist and snowfall
Themes of sorrow whisper my name eternally…