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Theatre Nocturne's first release. Anhedonia 08/31/2012.


released August 31, 2012

Justin Foley - Vocals
Erik Wagonblott - Guitar
Kenny Zotara - Guitar
Justin Herzog - Bass
Mike Paquette - Drums



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Theatre Nocturne Buffalo, New York


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Track Name: To Visit My Flesh

Her breath flows and falters

Falling to rise

The shores of the sky,

Her soul thrusting back

As she whispers sweetly

In scents perfumed

Of dusk and woodland

Despairing without release…

From the lace bodice to the tailored velvet gown,

This Venus libertina, a Mina in Furs.

To what deceived mine eyes in the gentlest of plunders

Ten thousand wonders cast about mine senses

Nearest to comfort in the visage of thine.

I see…

Death, damnation, and woe...

For herein paradise we lay

Bouquets of Asphodel enchained

At our feet,

So many cries beneath us

Screams of pain and demise

But still we arise

Bornless and without age

To conquer all


Cruel devil tempt my weary flesh

So that I may be delivered to evil

And eternity without rest

Beneath sulfur stars

That the father forged of fire and brimstone

Shining bright my reign

O’er the great spires of heaven

For I am he who dwells in the dark,

My will of guilty manner

Plagued Genesis as Judas did Christ,

Loathsome in his way

The grinning murderer feels no shame…


Cruel devil tempt my weary flesh

So that I may be delivered to evil

And eternity without rest

And I become what is now

Long lost between the sighs of lust and darkened adepts,

A candle of death igniting God’s divine plan,

For I, the archetype of my own demise

Shalt climb high atop this genocide nation

To reign down o’er thee in vengeance

And claim Babylon as my own…

And claim Babylon as my own…
Track Name: Nepenthe And Lavender
Intent, fluent with its kiss
As gentle as an ebbing stream
Cresscending to pollinate the throne of three loves
Darkest as thee graces who sought my heart
To the yearning Lethe…

Evanescent lines expelled like thought to page
Fading as the distant sunset,
A vista of such deep longing
Smitten in smears of scarlet,
Scars of time, opened graves remain
Wherein twin talons rake the soul
Swollen to its core, blessed Nepenthe…

I once found her once as
Flesh relinquished
Veins split,
A metaphorical suicide,

Then I pleaded my essence for her:
“Make me thine misled voyeur
Lurking in deadly nightshade,
The unbridled passion awaiting eclipse
Soon as our time draws near…,
Thy lips persuade with a drearing tongue
A vast dream, wherein fate
Like cerements far flung, forever clung
‘Gainst thy drawling breast”

And with a breath of lavender
I fell to kissing stars in the skies
At the hilt of a vibrant dark.

"The tongue licks the cracks,
Monoliths of ebbing fervor,
And spews forth creation o'er decorum and vanity,
The face that imprisons all."

And with a breath of lavender
I fell to kissing stars in the skies
Track Name: An Apostate In Passion
Death, Death, Death!

The secret acts

So rightfully ensnared,


Her features invigorating

And to become once again driven near,


The destruction of my reign o’er her,

No longer am I one

But two,

Eyes piercing the soul

For just a moment

Her name I suppose does not matter

But it was I who chose she, and she who chose me

Caught at moon’s glance

Her glimpse a slivering arrow, whetted

Piercing the vulgar sighs

Of onlookers

Who would if they could speak verse instead of curse

To sway her tempered delicacy,

But none such as I

Came ever so close to the rose

She bore between her thighs

For the parting of skirts

Came as an ecstasy of highs

That the cabernet could only flush,

Dancing as my minuet played

When her eyes became everything…

I saw in them as I never have in another,

The visage of beauty



And passion

For if I look away I fear that I will never peer into the face of paradise again…

To me she was Nina, the swansong

The blood upon the snow

Mephistophelian scarlet,

Forever a fragment of perfection,

Her skin blushes

Bruising a silent whimper

Of pale statues staring on

Over misty gardens,

Within this Eden is power

Dominance and submission

A soulless nether

Where her flesh could never part

From the serpents of Eve

In this I plead

A witness to such bondage

Branded incarnate

Carving out my eyes to

-stand before you in apostasy-

-Withdrawn from illumination-


-I shroud the eternal sun-

-The façade and illusion-

-Deeper than the burial-

For once I had wished to Venus

In an age of plague,


Like waves upon distant clandestine shores

Clashing and fading

But never-ending
Track Name: A Glimpse Into The Savage Garden

Release me…
Release me from within..
The flame,
The wisdom,
The chaos serpent…
For I am without doubt
The God within all Gods
Forever and eternal
Above and below


As my skin, fire,
Singes the world tree
Like ebon talons raking
The encroaching dusk…
Power I am
And power shall besiege me


And the only verse of freedom is spoken through the forked tongue of death..

Empires are crushed
And world’s shatter
Each divulge supremacy
From ash..
The death of salvation
Is a grave bereft
But likened to shadows
Wandering amongst the scotched mire


But I must become
I must become one alone
To transcend
Oceans of time
Amid the endless fog
Wherein eternity is inevitable
Eternal is the way
And internal peace,
A sorrow compared to life


My skin burns
Bathed in blister
Ripping, tearing
The flesh of old
As a new being I emerge
Bound by chains of blood
In essence,
Death soaked the rising sun
An isolated zenith
For opened eyes,
A longing inexplicable,
Forgive me…


This mire crawls with filth
A remembrance to my reign
In this I’ve left you a monument,
A writing of brief honesty,
For the power resides in me
And my skin fire,
Wandering amongst this scorched mire
Track Name: Anhedonia
The void - this silence,
A cold listless dawn…
I lay amongst the ashen scenery
Awake, but dreaming
Ever near such swarming bliss,
Nearer to thee
In these deepest of groves,
My eyes are set aflame

When one (dead) rose
Trapped a thorn in my vein
Leaking droplets of blood,
Burning blood,
To ease the slickend bow over
The inability of consciousness to cope…

Like a reverie
I fall each day,
Awakened in this flesh,
Sinews of bitterness
Contained by mortal burden
With the dreaded note to change a thought,
The gentle whispers of surreality
Like blades rending their paths beneath my back bone,
Pure and blinding
Intense light
Memories fade like seamless waves
Deep into the recesses of an abandoned shore
Where orchids thrive on life lines severed,

For I am nothing without voice

The beauty in death is far from seen,
A freedom pure in form
Servitude dethroned,
As the blood flows thicker than wine
Over the inability of consciousness to cope…

Together we could have thrived
We could have died
In aspheric transformation,
Beyond the light of Sephira
We could have rose
As divinity surpassed
Infusing soul and star dust to create
The crown, the wisdom, and understanding:

To feel nothing is to become everything,
A voice empowered…

But I have faltered and fallen below their stare
Vengeful with prickling deceit,
My body now torn
Soul gorged upon,
Bones crushed and limbs separated,
To what pleasure do I owe this?
Must I confess that which is held dear to me
Upon the ignorant minds of man?
A blessing of freedom I presume
As my blood flows
And images destroy my wit,
A burning behind cruel eyes…

(The confession unveiled)

“I have chosen to disclose only a few details
About my relationship with the “deceased”.
For between her and I, only secrets were betrayed..
We met one eve
When my mind still had wit
And felt a tingle of emotion.
It was sometime ago, that eve,
But I still do recall the way she felt, the way
She spoke, the softness of her kiss,
The overall sensation obtained
By my own reason when I was near to her…
I believe in this suffering, for
There is an art in suffering
An art only for those skilled enough to see and feel,
Then contort it, weaving it into works of beauty.
If she were still “living”, she would understand this art
For she was beyond flesh, beyond beauty,
And I could never hurt her
I loved her to deeply..
It was the illusion of promise broken by word which killed her.
Yes, words alone hold the power to create and destroy
Like both freedom and nature.
For on that eve I spoke nothing but truth.
She fell to my embrace, as devil to the depths,
And I fell as well.
My heart could no longer bare the burden of
Life and sought a certain peace in her, so as
Moment turned to day, day to month, many moons
Would outline the flaws of character.
Then as if vanished, she was gone.
She spoke no more. Her skin turned marble and blood froze, eyes of chrysalis,
That soft whispering kiss became
A bitter lament for nostalgia.
I was driven mad, out of my wit!
I became a gaunt image of my former self, loathsome indeed,
My mind filled with thoughts, ideas, unanswered questions,
And an overwhelming emptiness that burned…
She hid from me, and is still hiding,
“Dead but dreaming”
For I can feel her in everything,
She is not gone
Just traced across the lands
Her blood is now the blood of the earth
The mother goddess,
She has become above all
And I will soon join her at the throne.
Now take with this what you will
My last confession,
Illusion or reality..?”

The void - this silence,
A cold listless dawn…
I lay amongst the ashen scenery
Awake, but dreaming
Ever near such swarming bliss,
A prisoner of my own creator…

Crafted of flesh and bone
Now severed from it
All lifelines pure,
My soul grips the sun
In reclamation
The light so bright and renascent,
And they stare no longer,
They stare no longer…